Hyvee Connect

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Hyvee connect is the employee portal of the hyvee supermarket company. employees can access the connect hyvee in order avail their employee services and benefits. Hyvee employees can schedule the work,  Manage and update the Profile, Check the Payslip and Payroll, Request a Leave and Check all the employee benefits and packages assigned to them.

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How to Log into Hy-vee Employee Portal

You can easily sign in into the Hy-vee Employee portal using Hyvee employee account user name, account password.

Steps for Accessing Hy-vee Employee Login Portal 
  • Visit the official hyvee employee login web portal - connect.hy-vee.com
  • Enter the username and password credentials on hyvee connect
  • Once you've entered the login credentials on respective fields, Submit the login details.
  • In this way, you can land on your employee account at Hyvee without facing any difficulties. Once you've logged into the account, you can check out the information whatever you want from the portal. 

In recent day to day lives, every organization needs the grocery items at any cost. Without these grocery items, it is almost impossible to run the company. Accordingly, supermarkets played a major role in these current days.

Hence, most of the people go to supermarkets and purchase the stuff whatever they needed. Many of the large companies have come up with the supermarkets which are presently successful business in the United States. Amidst of all available supermarkets, Hyvee is a popular one in the USA. It has implemented a Connect Hyvee which is an employee owned organization unlike many other supermarkets. It has started the business or situated the store was in the Beaconsfield, Lowa. 

Initially, it was named as Beaconsfield Supply Store. Now, it has changed the name which is called as Hy-vee. It has more than 240 stores across the United States of America. Now, it has grown into one of the most leading supermarket in the United States.

Hyvee Connect Login

For any of the organization, the success totally lies on the work of employees. In turn, it depends on how the company will look after the employees. With the good mutual relationship between both the employees and the company, the organization will get more benefits in terms of profit and productivity. In a similar manner, Connect Hyvee has given utmost importance to the workforce connect.hy-vee.com

Additionally, it is an employee-owned website. To help and ease the employees, it has started a portal named as Connect hy-vee.com. Through this portal, employees can easily log into their accounts and can able to check out the updated information that they need. Indeed, it is one of the helpful tools to find the data relevant to the company including schedules, benefits, payslips information, and more. 

Since you're an employee of the organization, you need to know the process of login. Even though it has included a simplest procedure, it might pose new difficulties for new bies. By going through the below login guide, anyone can easily log into their account without any further assistance. For that, you just take a glance at below instructions. 

Important Notes

While entering your user name and password in the login process, you should be careful. You should not log into your computer on public computers. If it is needed in insistingly, you can log out from the computer after viewing the information through the employee portal. You should ensure that the Capslock is on or off stage while you're using the desktop. 

Due to this, you might not able to log into your account. If you still facing any issues with the login portal of HyveeConnect, you can contact the customer service associates through a telephone number. 

Hyvee Connect Benefits

If you're one of the employees who would like to work for a firm that helps the organization to get a success. Apart from the firm's success that it helps the community a lot, Hyvee Connect is inviting you to view more of the other more of the other career opportunities that the company provides. 

Hyvee Connect offers a lot of benefits such as schedules which are versatile, a conductive work place, great bonus system, and a decent income. As an employee owner, it has offered much benefits. For more on hyvee benefits visit hy-veebenefits.com

About Hyvee Connect

Hyvee is created as employee owned company which has included a more than two hundred and forty branches of supermarkets. These are situated in the Midwestern region of the United States and the locations are Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, South Dakota, Nebraska, Lowa, and Kansas. 

This employee owned chain providing a numerous facilities for its employees such as full service restaurants, convenience stores, and fitness gyms which found in many properties. The main stores included a wide range of establishments subsuming drug stores, coffee kiosks, bakeries, delicatessens, spirits, dine-in, carryout food service, and wine. The fuel saver perks program of Hyvee lets the customers to reduce the expenses. On behalf of loyalty program, participants will get gas discounts if they've purchased any of their promoted products. 

Hyvee Connect Employee Benefits

If you're working as an employee who always strives to get success to the organization. In addition to the betterment of the community, it invites you to explore different career opportunities. Hyvee Connect offers you flexible scheduling, competitive wages, a generous bonus system, and flexible work environment. Specifically, it provides great benefits to the employee owners as well. 

There are various kinds of employee benefits offered by Hyvee company included profit sharing trust and 401 k plan, Hyvee and Affiliates tax savings plan, Hyvee & Affiliates benefit program, vacations, wellness program, Debentures and Savings Certificates, Hyvee on the move, Service Recognition, and Midwest Heritage. 

Hyvee & Affiliates Tax Savings Plan

Under this plan, employees can able to save pre-tax dollars in order to pay for medical and dependent care expenses. 

Hyvee & Affiliates Benefit Plan

It is a self insured plan for eligible employees and it allows to get the benefits for family members. The benefits subsuming drug store coverage, medical and dental care, short-term disability, and life insurance. The organization gives up to 75% of insurance costs for its employees. 

Debentures and Savings Certificates

The employees who are residing in Lowa can able to buy interest bearing debenture bonds issued by the company. The employees who are living out of the state can able to get preferred employee savings certificate which available through the Midwest Heritage bank. These types of both investments provide over e-market rates of return.


The employees are offered with the paid vacations that enhances with the years of experience. They can also get benefited by the personal holidays to take additional vacation for your planned trip. 

Wellness Program

The Hyvee health program allows the employees to get information about health and wellness program and gives prizes and contributions to promote healthy lifestyles. 

Hyvee On the Move

If in case an employee reposition in the organization, he or she may get financial assistance to cover your moving costs. 

Service Recognition

Hyvee organization offers appraisal for its long-term employees and honor them with the gifts for their service milestones. 

Mid-West Heritage

The company has owned a bank that can offer more financial benefits to the employees subsuming payroll deductions on loan repayments, low interest loans, and much more. 

Hyvee Connect Digital Coupons

It provides digital coupons for its employees that make savings even easier. To use these digital coupons, you just need to swipe your fuel savings and perks card at the checkout to redeem points. 

The Hyvee digital coupons are available in a wide collection and different kinds such as general, home, beverage, baking, baby, grocery, pet supplies, health and beauty, deli, frozen, dairy, canned goods and soups, breakfast & cereal, etc. If you've any issues with the digital coupons, you can contact the customer care through a telephone number at 1-800-772-4098 or else use contact us form in case if you've any questions regarding digital coupons. You can also able to access the FAQ regarding digital coupons at hy-vee.com. 

Login Troubleshooting with the Hyvee Connect

If you're having troubles or issues with the logging account at Connect Hyvee, you need to check out the top things such as:
  • You just re-enter your login credentials to ensure that your email address and password is spelled correctly. Here, you need to remember that your passwords are case sensitive. 
  • Cookies also can be considered for accessing your account. Accordingly, you can check out the browser settings to ensure that you're accepting the cookies. 
  • If Javascript is disabled on your computer, it may cause issues. It only affects when you're using enter or return key on the keyboard. In that case, it's better to use your mouse to click on the sign-in button. It works with the regardless of being javascript disabled or not. 
  • Another important note to remember that some of the firewalls may not be allowed to access the login to your account. So, you can disable your firewall and try logging into the account. If you've successfully logged into the account, firewall may be the issue to restrict you from logging into the account for Connect Hyvee. 
  • You can clean all of your cache on the browser. If you want to know how to do clean the cache on web browser, you can able to get instructions from the organization. 
  • If you've tried all the above steps, still you need assistance to log into the account. You can contact the Hyvee Customer Care either through a telephone number or email service centre. 


Hyvee is committed to provide the products with consistent quality and every day value in all the private brand products. In this way, it makes their customers' lives more easier, healthier, and safer. It offers a wide variety of brand products to its customers across the store to provide the quality items that save your family money versus leading national brands. It also offers you speciality items that you won't find in national brands.